Do you want to design products and experiences that mean the world to your clients and their users? Do you want to work on transformative projects as opposed to minor tweaks to a product? Do you want to be exposed to work ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises to global non-profits?

We are Finiteloop, a growing design and technology studio in Bangalore. We work hard to build grounded and exhilarating experiences for our customers and their users. Our design work dives deep into Design Thinking, Experience design, and Service design. On the technology side, we work on Solution architecture of large enterprise applications and, cutting-edge explorations on new technologies like Machine Learning and Blockchain.

We strive for client success and push our clients into thinking and doing more for their customer's experiences. All of us are self-driven individuals passionate about building products that deliver great experiences at scale. Our team is currently working on a wide variety of projects: communication design for safety culture on board cargo ships, mobile app for seafarer community, transforming how public radio can integrate with the digital world and, simplifying the user experience of oil and gas explorers.

We are looking for a person with who can understand our clients' users better than them and iterate solutions that are great fit for user and business needs. You will have to be self-driven, understand your brief and think more on it before executing it as per schedule. You will juggle couple of projects at the same time and we will create a space you follow your creative processes within these project constraints. As a Service and UX designer, you should be comfortable doing good documentation and using prototyping tools to test with users while iterating on your designs.

We have an extremely open culture that promotes questioning, honest critique and, quirky thinking. Over and above everything, we only can work with people who will do anything to follow the highest ethics of business and teamwork and a dedication to their craft.

The work we want to see in you:

Things we would love you to surprise us with: